Boxee TV gets 3D Streaming, DLNA, and Local DVR

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Boxee TV appsBoxee TV is getting firmware update today that delivers the much-requested local scheduling of DVR recordings, bug fixes, and 3D rentals from Vudu to the device. In addition, the device is now DLNA-enabled for easy sharing of all of your media across your home network.

Boxee sells itself as a streaming box that has an important feature the others lack: A TV antenna input. So unlike all of the boxes that claim to replace your cable, this one actually can. Of course, you could use your TV’s built-in antenna jack, but people seem to like keeping everything in one place, and Boxee consolidates all the popular online services into one petite little box.

Its cloud DVR service, which is only available in select cities, gives you unlimited recordings and the ability to watch those recordings on any device in the house (a subscription is required for that), and can now be accessed directly from the Boxee box itself. Finally, with the addition of a storage device, your Boxee can act as a NAS, sending your stored pictures and videos to you anywhere in the house you desire.

New Boxee TV Features & Enhancements

  • Scheduling & managing recordings on TV interface (Antenna signals only. ClearQAM not supported).

  • DLNA — play files from computers, devices and NAS drives on your local network via the File Browser app.

  • Digital Media Renderer (DMR) — send video/music/pictures from your Android / IOS device to Boxee TV via DLNA .

  • Traditional TV guide, accessible by selecting top “TV” button on the home screen.

  • Resume playback from previous location for recordings.

  • Notifications:

    • Channel changed to start a recording

    • Scheduled recording coming up

  • “Watched” automatically updates if a recording is viewed to the end

  • Support 3d titles within the Vudu app.t

  • When the device turns off HDMI, the light on the device becomes dim.

  • The Quick View tray now recycles when hitting LEFT/RIGHT while watching Live TV
    (IE, there’s no “edge” so the first channel and last channel are next to each other)

Via: [Boxee Blog]

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