Vizio’s PC Line Updated for Spring

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Vizio AllinONeVizio isn’t just about televisions anymore; the company first introduced all-in-one desktops last year that that can double as a TV for a dorm room or bedroom super-smart TV experience, and the line has just been updated — along with the company’s tablet PCs and Thin + Light notebooks — to include touchscreen monitors perfect for Windows 8, which is now the OS of choice for Vizio’s PC line.

The new all-in-ones come with your choice of AMD or Intel inside, two HDMI inputs, a wireless keyboard, remote control and both a multitouch trackpad and a touchscreen in either 24 or 27 inches that supports a full 10 fingers of multitouch.

Beyond the sleek design and processing power, VIZIO continues to leverage its HDTV background with brilliant picture quality, high contrast and wider viewing angles, a staple of the Touch PCs. An expertly-tuned SRS Premium Sound HD™ audio system, a DTS technology, delivers rich audio quality, complementing superior visuals with deep, resonant sound to get the most out of music, movies, games and more.

Also notable for the video enthusiast is the addition of 802.11ac wi-fi for reliable HD streaming with three times the throughput of standard Wireless N.

AMD models of the all-in-ones are also notable for the inclusion of a dedicated AMD Radeon HD 8750 graphics processor, although given the capabilities of Intel’s integrated HD 4000 graphics processing, they’re probably pretty close in terms of graphics power. Neither option is really optimal for gaming, but should give a good boost to multimedia, which is really the whole point of Vizio’s computer offerings.

The updated models are available now at the prices below:

14” Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0) $1,089.99 MSRP – AMD A10 APU
14” Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B1) $1,419.99 MSRP – Intel®Core™ i7
15.6” Touch Thin + Light (CT15T-B0) $1,189.99 MSRP – AMD A10 APU
15.6” Touch Thin + Light (CT15T-B1) $1,469.99 MSRP – Intel®Core™ i7
24” Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B0) $1,279.99 MSRP – AMD A10 APU
24” Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B1) $1,439.99 MSRP – Intel®Core™ i7
27” Touch All-in-One (CA27T-B1) $1,549.99 MSRP – Intel®Core™ i7

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