HDHomeRun PRIME Firmware Adds DLNA Streaming

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When the SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME came out last summer, it offered an easy network-based antenna and CableCARD tuner solution for your home network, but it only worked with certain devices. Now, with a new firmware update and the InstaTV Pro App, the HDHomeRun PRIME is capable of streaming  any channel that’s marked Copy Freely to phones and tablets. Not only that, but you can also stream to  any DLNA-compatible device on your network.

Having grown up in a household without cable, it’s always mystifying to me that people never consider an HTPC system with an antenna as an option when they cut the cord, but with great devices like the HDHomeRun PRIME, you can still be high tech while using the oldest home tech there is, and that’s pretty cool. Upgrade your firmware now at the source link, or if the device intrigues you, check out the overview video at the bottom of this piece.

The changelog for the update is as follows:

  • CC models: New DLNA DMS feature – stream live TV to DLNA certified clients.
  • CC models: New DTCP-IP support – stream protected channels to DTCP-IP certified DLNA clients.
  • CC models: Improvements to HTTP streaming support.
  • CC models: Improvements to RTSP support to improve compatibility with other RTSP clients.
  • CC models: Avoid situation known to cause the Windows Media Center Receiver service (ehRecvr) to crash.
  • CC models: Fix problem where channel detection could miss SDV channels on some cable systems.
  • CC models: Fix problem where channel detection could miss channels when scanning without a CableCARD.
  • CC models: Fix resource error seen on some cable systems.
  • EU/DT models: Fix problem handling channel names containing ISO8859 extended characters.
  • HDHR3-US model: Upgrade demodulator microcode.
  • TECH models: Fix problem configuring for DHCP after a static IP had been configured.
  • All models: Improvements to TCP window scaling support.
  • All models: Improvements to DHCP and DNS support.
  • All models: Fix issue causing video glitching on some channels when used with MythTV 0.25 and later

HDHomeRun PRIME is available at Amazon starting at $139.

Via: [SiliconDust Blog]

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  • disqus_ayvQwhvS6h

    Looking for a programmer to integrate HDHomeRun’s DLNA streaming features into the automated home, nobody seems to have done it yet and I think it’ll sell well in lieu of a matrix switch for homes with 3 or fewer TVS. Please have XBMC/Kodi/OpenELEC experience, and I could care less about your certifications or past team projects, please know your shit and don’t waste our time when we could be making hella donkey show cash.

    SiliconDust holla at ya boy, I got that C4 equipment already and if I can’t find anyone to do it, I will- but all I have is HDHomeRun PRIME so if you want C4 driver to be compatible with all devices, maybe send me somethin, mista.