GI Joe: Retaliation Blu-ray Available for Pre-Order Already

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GI Joe: Retaliation 3DDespite the lack of the sacred catchphrase (as well as an absence of any kind of life lesson at the conclusion of the film), fans ate up GI Joe: Retaliation — the second live-action Joe movie — last weekend, to the tune of almost $50 million.

To take advantage of that fact, Paramount is hopping on the Blu-ray pre-order bandwagon at neck-breaking speed, introducing full cover art and pricing for the Blu-ray release, which currently penciled in for July 30.

Granted, the film’s plot is quite silly on paper: When the entire Joe team is wiped out for assassinating the Pakistani president, the few remaining must fight to clear their name, and to remove impostor Zartan from impersonating the President before he starts an international crisis that would put COBRA in absolute control of the world. It’s even sillier than that on screen, with the sort of pseudo-scientific ridiculousness normally reserved for Michael Bay films. But it’s surely pretty to look at, and should make for some amazing home theater demo material come this summer.

Two versions of GI Joe: Retaliation are available: a 2D Blu-ray, DVD, Ultraviolet combo pack with a cover approved by marketing to remind people that Channing  Tatum is in the movie for five minutes; and a 3D version, which adds the stereoscopic version and the cool Call of Duty-style front sheet. Pick your preference, and pre-order before COBRA conspires to cut the >50% discounts down to nil.

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  • leopoldo martinez


  • leopoldo martinez