Cyberlink Launches PowerDVD 13

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powerdvdCyberlink’s PowerDVD is one of the most popular packages for Blu-ray and DVD playback on personal computers, and the newly released v13 has a ton of exciting features sure to be of interest to HTPC fans. Via TWICE:

The software also includes improved “TrueTheater” picture quality enhancements offering “better-than original” images, even for Blu-ray Disc material. Without up-scaling, TrueTheater is now able to improve image brightness, detail and sharpness.

New UltraViolet digital download support will provide Cloud-based access to movies and TV shows in countries where the service becomes available.

PowerDVD 13 Ultra comes with more than 60 new and enhanced features, including new file playback in Cinema mode in addition to the aforementioned TrueTheater enhancements.

The software now has improved start-up speed and responsiveness, using new architecture and application optimization. The company said Blu-ray movies now start up to 58 percent faster with CyberLink’s BD-Live bypass option, enabling photos, videos and music to start playing back almost instantly.

Support is offered in PowerDVD 13 for all popular video, audio, photo and music formats from discs or files, including new AVCHD 2.0, lossless APE audio, 4K and MKV, and comes with a new mini player mode for music.

For enhanced mobile device compatibility, in addition to Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, PowerDVD Mobile is now available for Windows 8 tablets. This is said to be the only multimedia software to support MKV and DTS playback under Windows 8.

BD-Live, despite all the early promise, has mostly only been used to deliver unwanted, slow-to-skip trailers from Universal and in collecting end-user data, and I think all of us would just as soon get rid of it if it weren’t for all the other fringe benefits of other apps. The ability to disable BD-Live for disc playback is a total blessing, and having a native computer app for UltraViolet is a very welcomed thing, indeed. Combine that with the already powerful PowerDVD program, and it’s PowerDVD 13 sounds like a near-panacea for HTPC users.

Pricing for PowerDVD 13 is as follows:

Versions including PowerDVD 13 Ultra ($99.95 suggested retail), PowerDVD 13 Pro ($79.95), and PowerDVD 13 Deluxe ($54.95)
Upgrades from previous PowerDVD versions are available starting at $39.95.

Via: [TWICE]

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