Tom & Jerry Vol. 2 Blu-ray Postponed for Now

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Tom & Jerry: Volume Two Blu-rayClassic cartoons like Tom & Jerry have had problems for the last 20-ish years or so as a result of modern attitudes towards the insensitive portrayals of race in the early part of the 20th century. There is, of course, Disney’s continued burying of Song of the South, as well as Looney Tunes’  unfortunate wartime propaganda shorts, and, of course, Tom & Jerry’s “Mammy.”

That trend is starting to reverse, in some cases — such as the Looney Tunes DVD and Blu-ray sets, which include at least some previously censored cartoons in uncensored form, along with a disclaimer that acknowledges the cultural insensitivity — and it appears that a reversal of censoring trends (or at least fan outrage over censorship) may be behind the fact that Tom & Jerry Golden Collection: Volume Two, originally scheduled for June 11 of this year, has now been postponed.

When the set was first announced, fans balked at the exclusion of “Mouse Cleaning” and “Casanova Cat,” two of Tom & Jerry‘s most controversial shorts, both of which include humor involving blackface. And both of which, chronologically speaking, should be included in this set.

Following an enthusiast protest about the omissions, though, Warner has mysteriously pulled the title from its June release slate. We join our friends at TVShowsonDVD in hoping that WB has realized that most of the people purchasing these Tom & Jerry Golden Collection sets are adult collectors who can place the shorts in the cultural context in which they were made, and that Disney will follow suit someday soon.

See an example of what is cut, in both censored and uncensored versions, below.

Via: [TVShowsonDVD]

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