URC Total Control App Adds Cellular Access

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URC Total Control app security

[See update below]

This is curious. I noticed tonight that the iOS control app for my URC Total Control system in the bedroom and home office had an available update. Given the lack of publicity for the update, I figured it just included bug fixes, but being the good nerd that I am, I couldn’t resist reading the patch notes anyway. Much to my surprise, it turns out this is more than just a slightly updated version with vague “overall performance” improvements (although, yes, those are in there, too).

The patch notes are as follows:

What’s New in Total Control Mobile App Version 1.0.83

This version, 1.0.83, provides the addition of remote location (offsite) access and control for Total Control® systems. 
• Provides the awesome ability to control AV equipment, adjust lighting, view security cameras and control other devices in a home or business from any location where customers can connect to the internet with their iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.
• Improved overall performance.
• Provides bug fixes including addressing a “password” error related to the newer version of iPhone(4S and 5) and iPad (3).

That’s actually kind of huge, especially given the fact that Total Control supports the control of advanced security features and comfort control. Being able to keep tabs on your security cameras, remotely unlock doors, and adjust the thermostat when you’re on the way home and don’t want to step into an oven (or icebox) when you get there are all really handy conveniences. The company’s website still reads, “(Please note: Total Control Mobile requires a WiFi connection to the local area network that is host to the Total Control MRX-10 and other devices. Coming in the future – secure external access!).”

I guess we really do live in the future. Or at least I do.

[Update]: Well, apparently the excitement was a little premature. It seems remote access isn’t quite working just yet, but is being readied for imminent release, and the updated app paves the way for that. Stay tuned.

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