Audioaccess PX-800 Audio Router Ships

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Audioaccess PX-800Most people these days are pushing toward IP-based audio distribution, distributing streaming tunes via Wi-Fi to iPods, docks, or other network-connected devices. But if distribution of legacy sources is what you’re looking for, then you need an audio router or matrix. For that, Audioaccess has now shipped the PX-800, which can take up to 16 analog sources, and cooperate with your home automation system to deliver high-fidelity tunes to any room in the house.

The PX-800 can route those 16 sources to as many as 16 zones, each with its individual EQ and tonal presets, or group them in up to 10 different sets to make sure that the right sound hits the right room, or if you so choose, all of them at once. What really sets the PX-800 worth talking about, though, is the incredible amount of control options supported by the system. From the press release:

“What’s new is the modern controls available to make the PX-800 stand up and dance,” says Jeff Hipps, senior VP for sales and marketing. “Whether you choose IP, IR, RS-232 or third-party control, we’ve made certain the PX-800 is up to the task.”

So no matter what sort of control system you have in place, no matter what sort of communication protocols your sources are capable of sending and receiving, the Audioaccess PX-800 has you covered.

Audioaccess is now shipping the PX-800 for $2195 direct from their website, as well as via authorized dealers

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