Wireless Electricity May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

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Nikola Tesla wireless electricityNikola Tesla’s dream of wireless electricity may soon become a reality.Via comes a story about a wireless electricity transmission system, developed by MIT and monetized by WiTricity, which may — very soon — allow you to power flat panel TVs and wireless picture frames hanging on the wall, without the need for a power cord or batteries; keep mobile devices constantly charged, Lightning-be-damned; and provide juice to cordless mice and keyboards and even computers — all via a system that relies on magnets in a transmitter and receiver, tuned to resonate at the same frequency, to create an electrical charge that can be directed at specific devices, while leaving others completely alone.

And I know the EMF woo-warriors are probably already up in arms about this if they’ve heard about it, but really, this non-magnetic transmission method should pose no more health concerns than current eletromagnetic broadcasts already do (which is to say, none).

In addition to potentially being a greener option — especially when compared to batteries — WiTricity also says the system is

highly efficient over distances ranging from centimeters to several meters. We define efficiency as the amount of usable electrical energy that is available to the device being powered, divided by the amount of energy that is drawn by the WiTricity source. In many applications, efficiency can exceed 90%. And WiTricity sources only transfer energy when it is needed. When a WiTricity powered device no longer needs to capture additional energy, the WiTricity power source will automatically reduce its power consumption to a power saving “idle” state.

I’m not sure sure that we’ll see this in widespread use as soon as this video predicts, but it’s certainly not as far away as you might imagine. Of course, there’s no clue yet about how much this juice will actually cost.

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