DVDO Launches Quick6 6×2 4K HDMI Switcher

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DVDO Quick6 Front BackDVDO aims to ease your 4K transition with its Quick6 HDMI switcher.  Featuring 4K, UltraHD resolution capability, you can be assured that this 6-in, 2-out HDMI switcher will bridge your system into the future.

The Quick6 features DVDO’s InstaPreview technology, giving you live previews of all active HDMI inputs — a sort of Picture-in-Picture feature for all of your connected sources, from satellite and cable boxes to Blu-ray players and video game consoles.  Previews are generated in a PiP window so you can confirm your source before switching.  Also on board is DVDO’s InstaPort S technology, which enables near instantaneous input switching.

DVDO has included 6 HDMI inputs, four of which are 4K (300 MHz) capable, and two standard HDMI ports that are also MHL enabled.  There is a pair of HDMI outputs, allowing the user to drive two displays, or use them in dedicated feeds to their display and AVR.  Optical and digital coax audio outputs are also available.  A serial port allows for integration with home automation systems, while a USB port allows for easy system updates.

While not everyone needs 4K-capable devices right now (and if you do, congrats on having lots of disposable income), the Quick6’s MSRP of $399 and feature set makes this a pretty nice option for even your lowly 1080p system.

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