D*Haus: The Amazing Transforming Ecological Home

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D*Haus D*Dynamic ecological home

Here’s an ecological home design that’s sure to appeal to child-of-the-eighties geeks with a passion for green home tech: the adaptable, transformable D*Haus. Equal parts mathematical trick and Robots in Disguise, the D*Haus D*Dynamic is the brainchild of architects David Ben-Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson, who looked at mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney‘s Haberdashers Formula from 1903 and said, “We should build cool things out of this.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

The 8-in-1 D*Dynamic was originally conceived for Arctic environments, with the idea that it would curl up into a cube during winter months for extra insulation against the elements, and unfold like a flower into a cubist dream in the summer to let the light shine in. Here in Alabama, where the mercury is already hitting the 90 degree mark in April, I’m dreaming of just the opposite. But either way, the home’s mix of the organic and the mechanical is smart, hypnotic, and fascinating:

Right now, sadly, this ecological home is only a dream, but to make it a reality, the D*Haus Company is running a Kickstarter project to get its D*Table design into the hands of the public. As you might imagine, D*Table is built on the same principles and flexible, modular (errmm… D*Modular) design. If you chip in £950 (about $1450), you can have one of your own. What I’m more interested in, though — and what I’m actually considering chipping in for — is the £150 (~$229) miniature model of the D*Haus D*Dynamic.

There are all manner of other neat pledge rewards, including books, coasters, prints, a D*Mini table, and an ultimate collector’s package that includes all of the above, plus dinner with the designers. Check out the pitch video and head over to Kickstarter now to chip in, if you’d like to see this crazy dream ecological house become an actual thing. So far, the project has collected about 20 percent of its £30,000 goal, with 35 days left to go. Funded or not, the Kickstart project comes to a close on Wednesday, May 15, at 2:33am EDT.

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