Looney Tunes Complete: Amazon’s Deal of the Day

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Looney Tunes

Released over the course of half a decade on DVD, The Looney Tunes Golden Collection brings together the vast majority of the classic Warner Bros. shorts starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety, Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe Le Pew, Elmer, Yosemite Sam, and the rest of the zany crew, coupled with amazing extras available nowhere else in a six-volume, 24-disc box set. These sets are usually quite expensive, scraping the $25 mark each on super sale, so getting them all in one big box for less than $65 is quite the deal, indeed.

Relive those wonderful childhood or second- childhood memories with these timeless classics of the movie theater and Saturday morning screens. Thrill to the inimitable talent of Mel Blanc’s voice characterizations, and enjoy the madness and mayhem of the looniest bunch ever to grace the screen.

Of course, kids, being in the overprotective era we are, I feel the need to say this: please do not stick your finger in the barrel of a gun, light trails of black powder, throw people off cliffs, or any of the other actions you see performed here. The Looney Tunes crew have attended, and later taught at, Acme Looniversity, and without the trained professionalism a Toon Degree guarantees, you shouldn’t try this at home

Buy the Looney Tunes Golden Collection 1-6 for $64.99, today only, at Amazon.

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