JVC Drops Smart Features (and Price) on New TVs

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Much like the class divisions between people, the TV market for the past few years has been starkly divided into an upper end, a lower end, and a rapidly diminishing middle class. You have your low end models that concentrate on no-frills, decent TV viewing, while the high throws every bell, whistle, and app at you in addition to superior video performance. JVC wants to hit the forgotten middle — the people who want a TV to be a great TV, and nothing more.

“Today’s television is, by and large, bifurcated into two distinct classes: the upper end, which boast superior picture quality and enhanced smart streaming connectivity; and the value-oriented end, which lacks both,” said Drew Pragliola, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AmTran Video Corp. “With the BlackCrystal line, we’re offering consumers a middle alternative—stunning video and audio performance, but without the built-in apps and media streaming that is redundant in many consumers’ AV systems. And with the addition of the BC50R, we’re delivering it all at a new large screen size, with a gorgeous new ultra-slim, narrow-bezel design to boot.”

The JVC BlackCrystal BC50 features a high quality 120hz screen, and a sound system that uses XinemaSound 3D digital processing to maximize the output from the TV speakers, eliminating the need for a soundbar in many living rooms to deliver intelligible dialogue and more robust sound.

The JVC BlackCrystal BC50 will be available later this month for $799.

Via: [DigitalTrends]

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