Panasonic Officially Ends Plasma Development

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Panasonic ZT60 plasmaYesterday, at a Panasonic event in New York, Panasonic Display VP Kiyoshi Okamoto stated that the new ZT60 officially contains the final plasma panel that Panasonic will develop, marking the end of an era for the favorite TV technology of many a videophile. All future R&D efforts are now being poured into the company’s OLED partnership with Sony, at a time when manufacturers are still struggling to get that format off of the ground. Yield issues have made moving to OLED on large scales extremely problematic at best, but Panasonic seems to be hoping that by putting the combined muscle of such high-profile industry players behind it, OLED will finally start to work at the mass-production level.

While most video enthusiasts feel that plasma offers a superior picture to LCD/LED displays — especially in the areas that matter, like black level and contrasts — most people who have seen OLED agree that it’s a better-looking technology still. More importantly for the industry, it’s should end up being a cheaper technology in the long run. Until OLED becomes an actual reality, though, this year’s crop of top-of-the-line plasmas offer the best flat panel picture attainable to most consumers, so it’s sad to see the format sailing off into the sunset like this — at least from Panasonic’s perspective — before OLED is read for prime time. But hey, at least Panasonic’s plasmas are going out with a bang.

Via: [The Verge]

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