Philips Doubles the Efficiency of LED Lamps

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Philips Tube LED

Philips has been at the forefront of improving energy efficiency in lighting, and with its latest innovation, the company has taken that trend to new levels. Not only is its new prototype tube LED bulb twice as efficient as fluorescent tube bulbs, producing 200 lumens of high-quality white light per watt of energy used; it’s over thirteen times as efficient as a traditional incandescent.

The secret? Green LEDs are the most power hungry of the bunch, so by using only red and blue elements, and adding a phosphor that emits green light when excited by a blue element, Philips’ new design covers the entire light spectrum without wasting the juice that goes into powering the green LEDs.

This doubling of the efficiency compared to fluorescent tubes is a pretty big deal, especially given the environments in which Philips’ new bulbs are intended to be used. From the press release:

In the US alone, for example, fluorescent lights consume around 200 terawatts of electricity annually. If these lights were all replaced with 200lm/W TLEDs, the US would use around 100 terawatts less energy (equivalent to 50 medium sized power plants) saving more than US$12 billion and preventing around 60 million metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. This new LED innovation from Philips underlines the value and power of its lighting business, bringing together its expertise in LED technology, lamps, applications and systems. Market leading innovations from Philips Lumileds, as in phosphor technology and blue LEDs, together contribute to the high quality of light and advances in efficiency.

The lights are expected to be available for commercial customers starting in 2015, with home versions following after that. Granted, tube bulbs of this sort aren’t as common in home environments as they are in office spaces, but do often appear in cabinet lighting and desk lamps, and when it comes to saving energy, every little bit helps.

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