Seiki Launches Bargain 4K TV

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Seiki 4K TVTigerDirect recently snuck out a new TV from Seiki into its product listings — a 50-inch 4K TV, for the ridiculously low price of $1299. That’s not a typo by the way. Fifty inches of UltraHD for less than you’d pay for a top-of-the-line 1080p set.

Of course, at that price there has to be a catch, but no one actually has their hands on one yet to find out what that catch is. Frankly, I’m going to remain skeptical. An off-brand like Seiki, coming in at 20% of the prices of the cheapest brand-name UHD TVs from the likes of Sony or Samsung, says to me that the only thing that’s really guaranteed about this set is the pixel count of the panel, and not overall picture quality, reliability, or any forward compatibility worth mentioning.

Until proven otherwise, I would be highly skeptical about whether this thing is worth any more than bragging rights of being the first on your block with a 4K TV.

We’ll see what happens when someone finally gets their hands on the unit. But considering that manufacturers better known for technological innovation than Seiki charge $200 – 300 more for a 1080p set of this size, I’m seriously skeptical that anyone can cut costs enough to pay for a quality display in that resolution at this price point.

So, hey, if you absolutely, positively must have 4K right now, maybe you’ll be the first guinea pig. But I would imagine the rest of us will be offering our condolences soon. Still, it’s a curiosity, and certainly worth noting that 4K hit such a low price so soon.

Via: [TigerDirect]

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  • Steve

    Why even report stupid crap like this?

  • Dennis Burger

    Because it’s a development in the AV world? Because some no-name OEM brand made it to market with a 4K set before better known budget brands like Vizio? To warn potential customers who might be Googling for more info that there’s more to a quality picture than pure pixel count?

    Why not report “stupid crap” like this, Steve?