Emotiva Is Acquiring Bob Carver, LLC

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The Bob Carver VTA20S will soon be an Emotiva productWhen rumors start circling last week that Emotiva was buying Bob Carver, LLC, I chalked it up to a late April Fool’s prank. Granted, we’re talking about two companies for which I have the utmost respect, but two companies that also seem to have very little in common. Emotiva is, for my money, the top name in affordable solid state audiophile gear. Bob Carver’s latest company, on the other hand, is luxury tube amplification personified. But apparently the rumors were true. Via CE Pro comes this news:

The acquisition of Bob Carver, LLC, was announced during an Emotiva podcast over the weekend – prematurely apparently because Emotiva principal Dan Laufman tells CE Pro that “while the rumors are true,” the announcement is not yet official.

During the podcast, Laufman regales Carver as the “most prolific and creative and talented audio engineers in the industry in the last 40 years.”

He explains, “Beginning basically immediately, we will be taking over operations and management and day-to-day control of Bob Carver, LLC, and the vacuum tube amplifier.”

In addition to Emotiva taking over the manufacturing of Bob Carver’s tube amplifiers, Mr. Carver will now become “deeply involved” in research & development at Emotiva and Emotiva Pro, not only bringing his knack for innovative amplifier and speaker design to the company’s core line, but also helping Emotiva develop some seriously high-performance subwoofers.

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