Big Changes Coming for Toshiba in 2013

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Toshiba's Scott RamirezOur colleague Jeff O’Heir at Dealerscope has an interesting new Q&A with Toshiba vice president of product marketing and development of visual products Scott Ramirez about some big changes coming for the company in the following year:

Dealerscope: Give us some specifics on the type of changes dealers and consumers will see from Toshiba this year.

Ramirez: Actually, everything for Toshiba is changing in 2013. We’re in many ways going back to the old Toshiba. What Toshiba has been historically is a quality technology company, and pretty innovative. But in the last year or so, we kind of strayed from that. We were selling many more mainstream products. And now we’re going back to introducing some exciting technology and a lot of opportunities for our retail partners.

The Q&A covers everything from design changes to new screen sizes, to Toshiba’s Cloud TV, which keeps smart TV features current by divorcing them from the hardware itself.

One of the most poignant exchanges comes later in the interview:

Dealerscope: Ultra HD 4K TV is still an early technology without any native content to back it up. Why should retailers bother taking up valuable floor space with the sets at this stage of the game?

Ramirez: Consumers always want better picture quality and Ultra HD is that next step.

The question is not whether they’re going to want it, it’s what is the price they’re willing to pay for it. And everything ramps down over time; it’s just the normal cycle. It’s going to ramp up quicker than most people think. If it does as well as I think it will do this year then the price points will come down. As that happens, it will continue to ramp up. We could have a hockey-stick thing going in the next couple of years with Ultra HD. I think we’ll sell a lot of 58- and 65-inch this year.

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