WyreStorm Introduces New 4K and PoE HDBaseT Extenders

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WyreStorm 2013 HDBaseT Extender SetsHDBaseT is firmly planting itself as the way to distribute your HD signals via simple Cat5/5e/6 cable. Cementing that trend, WyreStorm — an HD distribution and control specialty shop — has released a pair of new HDBaseT extenders that sport a strong feature set, and a bit of future-proofing as well.

The first model, the EX-1UTP-IR-100-POE, falls pretty much in line with what is becoming the standard feature set for HDBaseT extenders.  With 1080p video capabilities, support for multi-channel DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby Digital TrueHD, as well as bi-directional IR and RS-323 control, it would serve your needs very well.  But WyreStorm goes above and beyond and adds Ethernet pass-through, HDMI pass-through on the transmitter side, and forceable EDID settings.  The latter will likely be the most interesting, as it allows you make HDMI handshake issues a thing of the past in HDBaseT installations.  Also, as its mouthful of a model name indicates, the -POE features Power over Ethernet, meaning a single, 12V power supply on the HDBaseT transmitter end supplies power for the whole system.

The second model is for you future planners out there.  The EX-1UTP-IR-100-EDID has all the features of the POE model, but sheds that Power over Ethernet functionality for the ability to handle 4K Ultra HD video signals.  Power is supplied via a 5v power supply on both the HDBaseT transmitter and receiver.  With 4K in the home being not too far in the future, the -EDID is a great way to ensure compatibility down the road.

Both HDBaseT extenders have a 100-meter effective range over Cat-5e cable. The EX-1UTP-IR-100-EDID is currently shipping from all WyreStorm approved distributors, and the -POE extender model will be available in May 2013. Both products come with a three-year warranty.

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