Emotiva XPR-1 Brings Affordability to Monoblock Amps

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Emotiva XPR-1 Mono-block Reference Power Amplifier

While it may seem strange to multichannel home theater enthusiasts, monoblocks are the Holy Grail of amplifier design for audiophiles. Not only does isolation each channel of amplification from the other eliminate crosstalk and other interference between channels; it also allows for more powerful amp design, and for many, only monoblocks will do in a true hi-fidelity music system. The downsides to monoblocks, of course, are size, and especially price, with good quality amps often starting at $10,000 and climbing rabidly from there. Emotiva’s new XPR-1 doesn’t address the size issue (just look at that beautiful beast!), but does make monoblock amplification a reality for audiophiles who can’t (or don’t want to) shell out five figures at a minimum. Boasting both four figures of wattage, four figures of price, and a fully balanced, fully differential design, the XPR-1 is truly a standout in the monoblock market. From the press release:

Featuring the signature design aesthetic of Emotiva’s top-shelf Reference Series, the XPR-1 ($1,499.00) is a fully balanced mono-block amp that offers the power and performance of products costing thousands more. With a powerhouse 1,000W into 8 ohms and nearly 2,000W into 4 ohms, the XPR-1 is the perfect building block for a truly exceptional high-powered, high-performance two-channel or surround sound system.

“The XPR-1 is the mono-block option in our Reference Series selection of top-tier performers, which means it’s the perfect combination of massive power and stunning good looks,” said Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva. “It’s a behemoth, and I’ll put its performance right up there with some of the most popular — and most expensive — mono-blocks currently available at any price.”

Every inch of the XPR-1 is finely tuned for high performance, and those that judge the quality of a component by weight are going to be happy with the broken froot they’ll get from dropping the 99 pound behemoth on their appendages (the transformer aloned weighs 30 pounds!). Despte its heft, though, Emotiva’s engineers make sure the XPR-1 is beautiful, inside and out:

A precision-machined, 1” billet aluminum multi-element faceplate is complemented by laser embossing and hand-polished detailing. Signal integrity and lossless power transmission are guaranteed by the inclusion of mammoth input and output connectors. Inside, the XPR-1’s 30 lb. 2.5kVA toroidal transformer and massive low ESR capacitor bank power a fully balanced Optimized Class H™ power amplifier built from premium components such as precision metal film resistors, film capacitors, and multilayer glass epoxy PCB’s. A powerful and highly efficient ARM microprocessor operates the extensive protection circuitry as well as an innovative output metering system.

All of that for about a tenth of what you’d pay for comparable technology from other hi-fi manufacturers. So if you’re ready to take your sound system to the next level, head on over to Emotiva’s website, where the XPR-1 is available exclusively for $1499.

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