RED Forum Users Chime in on Cheap Seiki 4K TV

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Seiki SE50UY04The enthusiasts over at the RED forums are working professionals who always have to be on top of the latest technology, and the move to 4K is something they’ve been watching carefully. So, naturally, when a cheap 4K display like the Seiki SE50UY04 that we reported on earlier this week became available, they wanted to be the first on the block to check it out

The results are a bit of a mixed bag:

1080p going into this monitor does not look good. There are no fancy upscaling abilities in this panel. I totally expected it to look bad. Hooking up a 1080p feed confirmed it.Feed it a 4k signal, now we are talking. =)

Another user goes into more detail and concurs:

Something tells me I’m going to side with the number 2’s (it sucks) on this one. I’m anxious to see what Tonaci has to say. I guess I don’t have that high of hopes for it and while it’s great that it has UHD resolution, if it isn’t passable for 1080p content, it’s not going to fly around here. From some of the initial reports, and comments here, it seems the internal scaling is pure crap. IMO, it should be as simple as quadrupling each pixel to get a 1080p image, but it seems they have attempted something else and our 1080p turns to blurry goo. If the set needs external upscaling to look good, then we may as well buy the $5K Sony, IMO.

Many feel that as long as you’re feeding the Seiki a native 4K signal, the product delivers as far as the panel goes, making it a good way to view native 4K material. But apparently the set exhibits overscan when displaying 24p, and the internal scaler is seriously lacking. By the time you add all the external doohickeys, including an HTPC, needed to even view the stuff, you may as well pony up for one of the name-brand displays that are designed to be TVs in the first place.

If you’re just dying to try out RedRay or Sony’s new 4K media box as soon as it streets and don’t want to spring for a Sony 4K set — or if you’re doing major hi-res photo or video work and just need a cheap 4K display now now now — this yes, apparently the Seiki will suffice. If you want something to integrate into your home theater successfully, though, with full future access to 4K media, all I can say is wait.

Via: [RedUser Forums]

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