Smart Home Technology: The Automated Pet Sitter

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Keep an eye on your pets with smart home technologyWhen you welcome pets into your home, you want to make sure that they are safe and comfortable at all times. Home automation via Smart Home technology can assist you in making sure your pets get the care they deserve, even when you’re away. Here’s a look at some of the ways home automation can help you to be a more caring and responsible pet owner.

Smart Thermostats, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: All home occupants, pets included, enjoy the comforts of a temperature-controlled environment. Smart Thermostats turn your smartphone into an HVAC remote control, allowing you to monitor and adjust the temperature up or down from anywhere and at anytime, so your pet will always be comfortable. In addition, smart smoke and carbon monoxide protectors provide extra protection for all home occupants, pets included.

Smart Security Cameras: Advances in automated smart camera technology allow you to view your home remotely and check up on your pet in real time, from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile web-enabled device. Pan and tilt features in cameras provide maximum visibility by eliminating blind areas that fixed angle cameras cannot access.

Smart Lighting and Appliance Control: Like people, pets respond to light and dark. Smart lighting allows you to remotely adjust the lighting in your home to keep it appropriately and efficiently lit for all concerned. In addition, smart appliance control gives you remote access to activate small appliances — such as automated pet feeders and fans — to keep your pets comfortable in your absence on a hot summer day.

Smart Locks: Thanks to automated door locks, loaning out house keys to pet sitters is a thing of the past. With smart door locks you can give pet sitters an access code, which they can enter on a keypad to gain entrance to your home. To make sure that they meet all of your pet’s needs, you can monitor pet sitters’ activities via the smart security cameras if so desired. In addition, you can receive text notifications when guests enter and exit the premises. And should they forget to lock up when they leave, you can take care of that remotely as well.

Smart Security System: Integrating security cameras and locks with state-of-the-art alarms, sensors, and motion detectors, an automated security system is one of the best applications of smart technology. Enabling a host of smart devices to communicate and interact with one another through a central control, smart home security systems provide a greater level of safety to family members and pets in each and every area in and around your home. In addition to warning of possible intrusion, motion detectors and sensors can also keep you posted on your pet’s activities and behaviors, alerting you via text when Fido jumps up on the couch or wanders into your walk-in closet to chew on your favorite pair of shoes.

The ability to access, monitor, and interact with a host of Smart Home devices remotely via your smartphone, tablet, or portable computer goes a long way in helping you provide a greater level of safety, security, and comfort for your pets. One smart home technology company, Vivint, has devoted a section of its website to pet owners looking for ways to better care for their pets through home automation.

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