FedEx Will Now Deliver When You Want, for an Extra Fee

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FedEx LogoI’ve had a lot of issues with FedEx in my time. Despite many calls and pleading on my part, my local drivers have had a habit of slapping a tag on the door and leaving regardless of whether I was home or not, or knocking so softly I couldn’t hear it. This resulted in gobs of time wasted on my part, stalking the FedEx Ninjas when I knew a package might be arriving, instead of getting actual work done.

Thankfully, that sort of thing may soon be a thing of the past. As a part of FedEx’s new Delivery Manager service, if you have a big-ticket item like TV, home theater seating, or other critical delivery, you can now pay a little extra to make sure it’s delivered within a specific two-hour window. So you may still have to stalk your front door (or take off a bit of time from work), but at least you’ll only have to waste two hours.

As The Consumerist reports, there are also a number of other enhancements coming to the Delivery Manger service:

There are a number of free services available from via Delivery Manager, like being able to place a 14-day vacation hold on deliveries, pre-signing for a package online, and providing detailed instructions for the delivery person (like “Please don’t throw my new monitor over the fence.“).

But the two most enticing options — rescheduling delivery/location and picking a 2-hour delivery window — will cost you, $5 and $10 each, respectively.

According to the Terms of Service for Delivery Manager, there is a money-back guarantee — though it of course comes with the caveat that “This guarantee can be suspended, modified or revoked at our sole discretion without prior notice to you.”

Given that we’re not likely to receive the service we’ve all been waiting for from FedEx — a simple GPS tracking system that constantly updates you on the estimated delivery time of your package, the way many furniture stores do —  an extra $10 probably isn’t such a sacrifice.

Via: [The Consumerist]

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