HouseLogix Delivers Fluid Level Monitor and HDMI Repair Kit

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You may remember HouseLogix as the custom installation that developed a nifty Control4 driver for the Nest Learning Thermostat, until Nest Labs sent a cease and desist letter and developed a firmware update that crippled the Nest’s integration capabilities. That didn’t slow HouseLogix down, though, and in addition to developing some seriously cool Control4 drivers in the meantime, not to mention the voice-activated VoicePod controller for Control4 (which should be shipping in a few weeks), HouseLogix has now teamed up with UK-based Ikon AVS to bring a couple of cool new custom-installation products to the Colonies.

HouseLogix Ikon AVS AquaTel D110 Wireless Fluid Level MonitorThe AquaTel D110 Wireless Fluid Level Monitor is an ultrasonic sensor that monitors levels in everything from septic and cistern tanks, fish tanks, ponds, rain barrel/irrigation management systems, and sumps to fuel oil and fertilizer tanks, for those of you with automated work environments. Each sensor in the system can collect and manage data from as many as six sensors, providing info about tank content levels, low and high alarm status, and air temperature, as well as battery status and communication status of the sensor itself. Add optional antennas, and the system is capable of operating at ranges up to six miles.

With HouseLogix’s two-way Control4 driver for the D110, you’ll be able to receive alerts via email or the Control4 UI — and trigger automated events — based on fluid levels or changes in temperature or status. The driver also allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and more easily access data from the system.

HouseLogix Ikon AVS HDMI Repair KitGranted, the HDMI-ST Repair Kit doesn’t allow for the same sort of driver support, but it’s still a pretty rocking little problem-solver for installations involving concealed or otherwise-inaccessible runs of HDMI cable. Say you’ve got your HDMI cables running through the walls, and by some stroke of bad luck you manage to break the connector on the display or source end. Normally you’d be ripping out some drywall or at least going through the laborious process of snaking cable that doesn’t like to be snaked. With the HDMI repair kit, you can just re-terminate the cable — no solder needed — and you’re back in business. The Repair Kit is also handy when you need to shorten long runs of HDMI cable to custom length.

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