Sharp Introduces LED Lighting

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SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION DIGITAL LED LIGHTINGMention Sharp and LEDs in the same sentence, and like most people, I expect, your mind drifts immediately toward LCD TVs. The company announced yesterday, though, that it’s introducing a line of “digital LED lighting products for commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality applications.” You might have noticed the lack of “residential” in that list, but included in the line are the sort of LED troffers you might find in kitchens, as well as LED downlights often used as spotlights around the home. What’s missing, though, are the kind of traditional bulb-shaped LED bulbs offered by GE, Philips, and other brands, as a replacement for incandescents.

Perhaps those are coming at some point, but even the forward-looking statements in the press release focus more on the industrial or commercial side of the business:

Sharp is currently leveraging its technology and manufacturing foundation to create new and innovative digital lighting products and solutions for the future. Several of these products will be demonstrated at LIGHTFAIR® International 2013. Sharp will be showing two versions of a suspended solution.  The first is a modular directional solution that allows for continuous runs. Units connect in a linear array allowing choice between direct or indirect.  The second will provide brightness equal to that of the 2×4 recess LED troffers going up (indirect) and 50% going down (direct). Sharp will also showcase a unique edge lit suspended solution which leverages technology and components Sharp has perfected in LED TVs.

The first wave of products includes:

– Recessed LEDs

  • 1′ x 4′ (DL-RT1RG41)
  • 2′ x 2′ (DL-RT2HG41)
  • 2′ x 4′ (DL-RT4RG4)

– LED Lamps

  • E26 and GU24 in 40, 25 and 10 degree beam angles (DL-PAR30)
  • E26 and GU24 with 40, 25 and 10 degree beam angles (DL-PAR30L)
  • E26 and GU24 with 40, 25 and 10 degree beam angles (DL-PAR38)

– Downlights (DL-DR6BD14)

  • 6″ Round with 55 degree beam angle
  • Compatible with E26 and GU24

– Highbay for warehouse and manufacturing ambient lighting (DL-HB9JP8)

All of the new lighting solutions are being developed and manufactured in Memphis, TN, and will be on display at LIGHTFAIR International 2013 this week in Philadelphia.

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