Amazon Reportedly Producing a “Kindle TV” Set Top Box

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Amazon Instant Video on Kindle, PC, TV, gaming consolesAmazon has been making its own devices for quite awhile now. From e-readers to tablets, to a rumored smartphone, the company has been pretty successful in establishing its own Apple-style ecosystem. Therefore it makes sense that Amazon wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to take charge of the one device in the home that even Apple hasn’t been able to dominate — the television — with a “Kindle TV” set top box. According to BusinessWeek, such a set top box is actually in the works.

Given that Amazon Instant Video support still isn’t exactly ubiquitously supported on TVs, it makes sense that the company would go this route. And given that Amazon is now producing its own video content — not to mention the cross-promotion potential between its licensed video and all of its other inventory — the potential for profit is quite high, if Amazon can make a compelling enough device.

For example:

“We’re glad you enjoyed watching Transformers 3, would you like to purchase the film on Blu-ray? How about the newest Optimus Prime figure? Or movie tickets to Transformers 4?”

No one — not even Apple — is prepared for what has been the advertiser’s unrealized dream for the last 20 years: The ability to sell you that tie that Don Draper is wearing, the chair he’s sitting in, and the complete season containing the episode of the show you’re watching, all from the same screen.

“Kindle TV” is suspected to be available this fall, and although there’s still some question as to whether it will support other streaming video services like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, the fact that Kindle Fire includes access to those services makes it likely.


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