Time Warner Counters Google Fiber with… Free Wi-Fi?

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Time Warner TruckTime Warner is pretty infamous for terrible service on both the TV and internet side. So terrible, in fact, that its legend has even reached into the 24th century, endangering a certain captain’s will to live. 

With the threat of gigabit Google Fiber coming Time Warner’s way in Austin, TX, the company has decided that the best way to keep their customers is… free Wi-Fi?!

Via GigaOm comes this announcement from Time Warner:

We’ve been rolling out our free WiFi network across our footprint for some time now, as part of our larger strategy to offer significantly more value to our Internet subscribers. Austin was in the game plan for 2013. But Google’s recent announcement encouraged us to deploy our network more aggressively now. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re ready to compete.

Add 3000% faster internet speeds and a band new customer service department, and Time Warner may be onto something here. Until then, I smell the fumes from a lot of engines of change revving up and counting the days till the flag drops on Google Fiber in the area.


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