Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction Car Recovered 20 Years Later

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Tarantino's CarQuentin Tarantino’s convertible 1964 Malibu, which was featured prominently in his classic Pulp Fiction, and then stolen the same year it came out, has been found in Oakland, California. Nearly 20 years after it vanished, a police officer noticed it being stripped, and the subsequent investigation revealed its original owner:

The search turned up something strange: there was a second car with the same identification number in the city of Oakland. The Oakland car was registered with local authorities, while the Victorville car hadn’t been registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles for several decades.

Further investigation, however, showed that the identification number belonged to the Victorville car. Someone had copied or cloned the number and used it to make the Oakland vehicle appear legitimate. The reason? The Oakland Malibu had been stolen from Mr Tarantino all those years ago. The current owner is not reported to have played role in the theft, and is considered a fraud victim.

It isn’t known yet whether Tarantino will want the car back, and if so, if he will then establish a Sam Raimi-style  auto-cameo fetish that even extends to period films, but I don’t think anyone would object.

Via: [The Independent]

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