Niles Enters Soundbar Market with Cynema Soundfield

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Wait! Don’t click the back button! I know this is another soundbar in a very crowded soundbar market, but Niles has actually cooked up a new take on the tired soundbar formula that’s actually worth a serious look.  For starters, it’s made by Niles, which should at least garner a little attention.  Secondly, it’s an in-wall model.  Lastly, you don’t need to cut or drill any wall studs to install a 65-inch soundbar.  Interested now?

Niles - Cynema Soundfield-wide

The Niles Cynema Soundfield is an in-wall soundbar available in lengths of 48″, 55″, and 65″, matching up with the most common display sizes these days.  You get the legendary Niles quality audio, in a left/right/center configuration, and have the option of amplified models or a bring-your-own-amp passive model (48″ only).  Already, we’re off the typical soundbar reservation, as most soundbars don’t offer this many options. This one is all about quality of audio, with ease of installation.

Speaking of installation, I did say that there’s no stud cutting or drilling.  This is accomplished through a modular approach.  The LCR speakers come in three separate modules, with the preamp/amplifier and power supply (where applicable) also being separate modules.  A frame mounts into the wall cutout — you do have to cut some drywall or it wouldn’t really be in-wall, would it? — and the modules snap into the frame.  The modular design allows you to install the modules around the wall studs, eliminating the need for cutouts.  The wiring all slides in and around the frame, making it easy to wire the system without having to drill through studs.  Blank panels fill in the gaps, and you have a nice, clean install, with minimum cutting.  A low-profile, magnetically attached, and paintable MicroPerf grille makes the entire assembly virtually invisible to end users for a clean look. Like so:

Niles - Cynema Soundfield-w-cover

The powered models do require a wall mounted power supply, but here too Niles was thinking ahead.  The power supply mounts into a recessed wall box, and feeds low voltage power to the preamp/amplifier.  Power to the supply is fed via a standard three-prong IEC connection that plugs into the nearest outlet. All high-voltage power is outside of the wall.  This negates the need to bring in an electrician to run high voltage power through the walls.  The power supply is small enough to be hidden behind the display or another inconspicuous place near the Cynema Soundfield.

There’s is an optional wireless transmitter available that will pair the system with a compatible Niles wireless subwoofer.  Amplified models have a three-channel by 30 W digital preamp/amplifier with Dolby® Digital processing. The preamp/amplifier module can be operated via IR for simple integration and auto-senses audio input to function as a seamless extension of the TV’s remote control.  Inside the box, you’ll find appropriate cutout templates and a selection of cables, making the Cynema Soundfield easy to install and set up.

The Cynema Soundfield system is now shipping at an MSRP of $1,195.95 for the CSF-48P, $1,599.95 for the CSF-48A, $1,749.95 for the CSF-55A, and $1,999.95 for the CSF-65A.

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