“Upside Down” 3D Exclusive to Blu-ray

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Upside DownThe independent sci-fi fantasy romance move Upside Down not only languished in post-production hell for ages, but also flew under the radar when it was finally released — and by that I mean that it played in about 10 theaters and vanished without a trace. The film stars Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess as star-crossed lovers from opposite worlds. And I mean that literally. Their planets are literally  opposite, their surfaces nearly touching, but with completely opposite gravity. So opposite in fact, that matter from one side is like antimatter, burning in the opposite environment. Contact between the two is completely forbidden, but of course, since when has that stopped Romeo, or his Juliet?

The big thing for home theater enthusiasts is the film’s cinematography. Due to the low budget, practical effects and split-screen are used a lot more than CG environments, the latter of which is mostly used to depict the other planet in the sky. The production design is incredibly gorgeous, and while watching it, all I could think the entire time is “why is this movie not in 3D?” Obviously the producers had the same idea, because Blu-ray fans have exclusive claim to the film’s third dimension, and now it’s positively bargain-priced on Amazon.

This is not a movie everyone will like, if you take a look at Rotten tomatoes. But Peter Sobczynski of the Chicago Sun-Times pretty much sums it up:

Simply put, (Upside Down) is one of the craziest films to come along in a while and I can confidently say that anyone who sees it will either hail it is some kind of crackpot masterpiece or dismiss it as one of the silliest damn things they’ve ever seen.

No matter what you think of it, assuming a competent 3D conversion, Upside Down  at least going to look great in your home theater, and at a mere $14.99, it’s worth a blind buy for the visuals alone. Upside Down will ship on June 25, 2013, from Millenium Pictures.

Buy Upside Down (3D + 2D combo) at Amazon.

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