TV via Internet Continues to Rise

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Internet cable TVs like Samsung's Smart TV offerings are becoming increasingly more popularFortune has a brief but interesting new piece  exploring the increasing prevalence of the internet as a source of entertainment on living room TV screens, with a few facts and figures that, when taken together, reveal just how how much trouble the traditional linear cable industry is facing.

Intriguing figures taken from a report by Diffusion Group entitled Defining the In-Home CE and Network Ecosystem 2013 include the fact that near 60% of households with broadband internet access have at least one TV set in the home connected to the ‘net. Combine that with the fact that about two-thirds of the US’s ~115 million households are broadband connected, and you end up with (carry the three, left turn at Albuquerque, round up), something approaching 43 million households with at least some sort of access to internet content on their TV screens.

What’s also interesting is that only 14% or so of broadband-connected households own a dedicated device like Roku, Apple TV, or Google TV to get their streaming kicks, and that number isn’t growing very quickly at all. Most rely instead on gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or PS3 for their streaming video needs, but smart TV penetration is growing quickly — doubling over the past year — but what’s odd is that, according to the story, only about two-thirds of smart TVs are actually connected to the series of tubes.

Head over to the source story for more, including comments from readers chiming in on how they’re connecting to the internet for TV content, and why.

Via: [Fortune]

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