Disney Finds Some Courage with Oz 3D

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Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful 3DDisney has reconsidered its strategy on Oz the Great and Powerful‘s 3D release, which angered fans by failing to include a 2D Blu-ray copy. The studio will now be including a coupon in each 3D box, allowing you to add a 2D disc to the package. For $5.99 (plus shipping), 3D customers can get the regular 2D Blu-ray, just like they would have gotten in the box for the same money before. While this is obviously a band-aid to attempt to stem a brewing consumer revolt, it is something, and hopefully Disney will realize that there are other and better methods to stem eBay re-sellers than punishing its faithful customers — especially the ones inclined to buy the most expensive version of a new Blu-ray release. From the official announcement:

“We strive to give our consumers the best in-home experience and consistently evolve our mix of product offerings.  We know that our 3D consumers enjoy that experience as well as the ease of use and functionality of digital copy.  With Oz the Great and Powerful we’re offering a single, simplified version for their in-home and on-the-go viewing needs.  And, for those desiring a 2D Blu-ray version of the film, there’s an offer included in the package.”

Disney is easily the most expensive of the major studios for when it comes to home video releases, and it would be nice if the company offered some fat coupons or lowered the SRP on the 3D version in order to re-balance this new equation. Sure, there are people who don’t want the 2D version, and Disney’s testing different configurations could end up being a good thing for business, but it remains to be seen whether a pack-in-coupon solution like this will calm the outrage that fans have been expressing over this 3D-only release.

Via: [The Digital Bits]

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