The Kitchen of the Future: Top Gadgets for Your Kitchen

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Internet-equipped refrigerators, self-cleaning ovens, and even a smart fork that tells you if you’re eating too quickly? Whilst some kitchen gadgets aim to make our lives more practical, other inventions want to help us lead healthier lives. But what kitchen products available today are showing us a vision of the kitchen of the future?

LG's LFX31995ST smart refrigerator adds a touch of tech to your kitchen experience

LG LFX31995ST (the Internet fridge)

LG have led the way in bringing smart refrigerators to the market, and its latest offering — the LFX31995ST — has really taken things up a notch. The integrated 8-inch touch screen allows you to search for recipes and cooking instructions to plan that perfect meal at the touch of a button. Plus, expiration dates on your food items are recorded, and shopping lists are automatically compiled if you’re running out of ingredients to cook your meals for the week ahead.

All lists, recipes, and other info can be shared with your smartphone via the Smart Access refrigerator app, meaning you can keep in touch with your kitchen on the go, which is pretty handy.

LG smart diagnosticsLG Smart Diagnostics Tool

Simply download the LG Smart Diagnostics app to your smartphone, call the customer helpline, and then hold the phone next to the power button on a compatible appliance. A small audible noise is made by the machine and then processed by the app, which will instantly diagnose the cause of the trouble.No matter how much you spend, all appliances will eventually breakdown. But not to worry — there are some technologies out there designed specifically to reduce the hassle of broken down appliances. The Smart-Diagnostics tool from LG promises that you’ll never have a nightmare experience again when your kitchen appliances breaks down.

If the problem is minor (and you’re feeling adventurous) then you’ll be given simple instructions to follow to repair the machine. If it’s a breakdown of catastrophic proportions, then the repair team will already know the problem via the app before they arrive at your door. Whilst currently limited to LG’s connected range of washers and dishwashers, the Smart Diagnostic Tool shows us what’s possible for the future of all smart home appliances.

HomeCHEF from Gorenje

gorenje homechef

Love them or hate them, celebrity chefs have made budding cooks out of millions of us, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve become Michelin star chefs overnight! Thankfully, the HomeCHEF from Gorenje is here to do the hard work for us.

The oven takes the stress out of cooking by giving detailed cooking instructions and showing step-by-step images for 65 pre-programmed meals, with space for a further 150 personal recipes. For the 65 pre-programmed meals the oven will automatically know which heat settings to use, and will even tell you on which shelf the baking tray should be placed for best results.

Every stage of the cooking process is displayed in detail, meaning that even the most inexperienced chef (such as myself) can’t go wrong. Plus, you’ll never have to spend hours scrubbing your ovens again as the oven can even clean itself with self-cleaning water jets!

Discovery IQ Oven source:

Dacor Discovery IQ oven

Just like their refrigerator counterparts, ovens are also going online to serve you up great food ideas. The android-operated Discovery IQ oven from Dacor allows you to remotely preheat your oven via your Android phone, which is great if you’re on the commute home from work and want to cut down your cooking time when you get through the door. The built-in touchscreen also allows you to surf for recipe ideas, and once you’ve selected a meal the oven will present you with cooking instructions.

The oven even sends you a text message when the food is nearly ready, whilst also automatically switching to warming mode to keep the dish warm for serving, meaning that even the most klutzy chefs will find it impossible to burn the Christmas turkey.


FOURCHETTE02 hapifork

The kitchen of the future won’t just help you cook your food or run your kitchen, it could also tell you how to eat your food as well. Billed as the world’s first piece of “intelligent cutlery,” the French-produced Hapifork aims to help people maintain positive eating habits and digest their food properly by monitoring the speed in which the user is eating their food. If the user is eating too fast then the fork will start buzzing to remind the diner to slow down and stop wolfing.

This slow-approach to eating supposedly helps to cut down the calorie intake that eating too fast can produce, and of course for all those nutrition-junkies, the fork can easily update all info about your eating habits to your smartphone for safe keeping.

These are just some of the products that give us a glimpse into how the kitchen of the future might look like, but it’s safe to say that the future doesn’t look too bright for handwritten shopping lists and dusty old cookbooks!

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