Tivoli Audio Celebrates “European Opera Days” with Big-Ass Radio Exhibit in Italy

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tivoli audio logoIn honor of concluding this week’s international home and office trade show in Milan, Salone del Mobile, Tivoli Audio is constructing an ginormous walk-through audio/visual installation outside of Teatro Social of Como, roughly an hour’s commute away in the province of Como.


You can probably fit a dozen of those bikes in there.

The exhibit, entitled “The Whispering Trees,” will present to the public a massive life-sized replica of the company’s famous Model One BT Bluetooth radio. The prominent theater was chosen as a proper location for the piece, in commemoration of the “European Opera Days,” a cross-Europe opera event that will coincide with the Milan event this year.

Inside of the structure will be seven trees, all of which will “whisper” messages into the ears of observers who walk inside. Also, from outside of the Model One, opera music will stream across the public square, which is encircled by the Duomo and Las Casa del Fascio di Terragni — a highly-trafficked city center point and likewise a reverence to the city’s history of arts, music and architecture.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “just how massive is this thing, huh?” Well, an average-sized family (European, not American — just kidding!) can fit inside at the same time. The radio display looms over spectators at 8-feet tall, 15-feet wide and 8-feet deep.

It’s a true replica of the Model One BT, designed exactly how Tivoli Audio CEO Founder and Designer Tom DeVesto intended it. The project is result of a collaboration between DeVesto and Ilaria Marelli of Italy’s Ilaria Marelli Studio of design and architecture.

A Model One you can't fit into.

A Model One you can’t fit into.

“The Model One BT hits it big in Italy with larger than life design and high fidelity sound,” said DeVesto. “This is surely a radio to be seen as well as heard.”

The display will open at 11 o’clock a.m. on May 11, where the public space will be filled with the music from “Carmina Burana,” composed by 20th-century German composer Carl Orff. At that time, attendees will have access to the inside of the radio.

“The Whispering Trees” exhibition will be open to spectators until May 16, when Tivoli Audio plans to take the piece on the road, bringing it to other destinations across Europe. To find out more information about locations and times, or about Tivoli’s beautiful Model One BT radio, visit the company’s website at

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