Blue No More: Windows 8.1 Arrives This Year as a Free Update

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Windows 8.1Windows Blue, the oft-discussed follow-up to Windows 8 (or fix, or last-ditch attempt, depending upon your point of view), now has an official name. The OS update is now officially known as Windows 8.1, according to CNET, and is expected to arrive on store shelves by the 2013 holiday buying frenzy season.

Mind you, I belong to a incredibly small and selective tribe of consumers who actually enjoy Windows 8, but mostly for its performance benefits. Is it perfect? Heck no. Some of the complaints are valid — although, really, I couldn’t care less about the long lamented Start button. Interestingly enough, though, when it comes to the subject of the Start button’s return in 8.1, Microsoft is remaining mum:

Reller offered few details of what would be in Windows 8.1. There was no discussion, for example, about whether the update will bring back the Start Button that Windows users have come to know over the years, only to find it missing in Windows 8. Those questions will likely be answered when the preview of Windows 8.1 arrives on June 26.

What we do know, though, is that the update from Windows 8 to 8.1 will be “easy to get from the Windows start screen” and will offer updates “more substantial than what we can deliver in those weekly updates,” referring to the hundreds of automatic patches added to the system thus far via Windows Update. So one imagines some form of more involved installation process will be involved.

Could this save the flailing Operating System, which has been called everything from a “catastrophe” to a “dead end” for Windows? As much as I don’t care about it, I have to admit, that probably all hinges on a little blue button.

Via: [CNET]

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