NHK Makes Major OLED Advancement

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NHK iOLEDOne of the major problems that has held OLED manufacturing back at large scales is the need for the panels to be literally perfect. If they are not properly sealed, the panels degrade quickly, losing half their brightness in under four months. Researchers at NHK think they’ve found the solution: By inverting the anode and cathode layers,and putting in additional shielding, they can retain brightness and prevent oxidation.

OLED yield has been a major factor keeping the technology that many consumer electronics manufacturers see as the future of display panels at bay, despite the number of technological advantages. Boasting self-illuminating pixels, great contrast, deep color, and no need for backlighting, OLED panels will not only will be cheaper to produce in the long run (once economy of scale kicks in), but provide a much higher quality product at low price points once production costs match LCD.

NHK is expected to talk more about its new “i(neverse)OLED” at DisplayWeek next week.

Via: [Engadget]

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