Bang & Olufsen Intros BeoLab 14 Surround Speaker System

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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14Bang & Olufsen announced this week the debut of a new surround sound speaker system called BeoLab 14. Along with the introduction of the system, which is available in 4.1- or 5.1-channel varieties, the company also announced a partnership with Universal Music Group to release a limited edition surround sound version of the Les Misérables soundtrack on Blu-ray disc.

Boasting the stunning looks for which Bang & Olufsen is known, and promising to deliver the same level of audio quality, the BeoLab 14 consists of four or five satellite speakers — “diminutive circles of anodised aluminium with exchangeable fabric covers in a selection of colours” — which are powered by internal amplification built into the system’s subwoofer. 140 watts of power are available for each speaker in the system, with 280 watts reserved for the sub’s 8-inch driver.

From the press release:

The satellite speakers are compact, circular dots built around a discreet anodised aluminium frame. The aluminium frame subtly reflects surrounding colours to create the illusion that the satellite speakers are even smaller than their actual size. The rear covers of the satellites are white aluminium, while the fabric fronts can easily be replaced with other colours to further enhance the visual integration into home décors.

The subwoofer’s cabinet provides volume for commanding bass performance, while its sculpturally tapered cylindrical form, topped with the same fabric cover as the satellites, establishes a coherent design that can stand on its own or easily be placed out of the way due to its slender build and small footprint.

Available colors for the BeoLab 14 system include your choice of white, black, blue, red, silver, or dark grey fabric covers for the satellites and the bass port of the subwoofer.

The BeoLab 14 Surround Speaker System will be available starting in June, with a price of $3,995 for a 4.1 setup and $4,395  for the full 5.1 experience.

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