Innovative Technology Announces Bluetooth Tower and Soundbar

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Innovative Technology ITSB-200 Bluetooth Tower SpeakerInnovative Technology (IT) has announced two Bluetooth-equipped sound systems for those looking to make a quick, affordable audio upgrade. The ITSB-200 Tower Stereo System and ITSB-201-37 Stereo Soundbar (37″) both feature wireless connection capabilities for streaming audio from your favorite smartphone or tablet, at distances up to 33 feet, as well as old-school FM reception with 20 presets, which, as I understand it, is the way people used to listen to Radiolab before the advent of podcasts.

The ITSB-200 system features a top-side cradle, with support for smartphones, tablets, and portable media players, and at 42 inches tall, it promises to fill just about any room with bass-rich sound. The also features 3.5mm aux input jack, if you want to rock out to tunes on a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity. Retail price on the ITSB-200 is $69.99.

Innovative Technology ITSB-201-37 Bluetooth Sound Bar

The ITSB-201-37 is, of course, designed to accompany a flat panel TV and provide substantially upgraded sound quality over tiny, tinny integrated TV speakers. Connection to your TV is by way of stereo RCA inputs or optical digital, and the ITSB-201-37 too features a 3.5mm aux input jack for non-Bluetooth-capable portable devices. It’s also designed to work just as well whether placed on a tabletop or mounted to the wall. Retail price for the ITSB-201-37 is also $69.99.

Both systems available now.

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  • Anne Fernandez

    I just purchased the Tower Stereo model ITSB-200 at Kohl’s and cannot find a port to charge my Iphone. According to the ad, it comes with the cradle, but the cradle only holds the remote. Am I missing something? Thank you.