LivingPlug Inlet: a Safer, Prettier Power Outlet on Kickstarter

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Inlet OutletsThe mains outlet hasn’t changed much in 100 years. With the exception of adding grounding, the outlets are pretty much the same that your great-granddaddy encountered. A new Kickstarter project for a neat new outlet — called the Inlet — seeks to transform your outlets into safer, greener, and more attractive hubs in your household. Here are just a few of the issues that Inlet was designed to address:


Outlets are architects and designer’s nemesis, they are routinely  cropped or photoshopped out of home décor magazine photo spreads and furniture catalogs.


Approximately 2,400 children receive emergency room treatment every year for injuries caused by inserting objects into electrical outlets.


10% or more of a home energy bill is wasted due to phantom or vampire charges, appliances that are plugged in, but not in use.


For over 100 years the outlet has served one purpose – delivery of electricity. There are 75 outlets in the average US household, with one purpose…

Well, no more…

The only drawback I see here is the manual vampire power switches. People will quickly tire of turning them on and off, and there goes the green utility. If there was some kind of app to control outlets, set maximum and minimum loads to trigger the outlet going on and off (and to activate all outlets from the app or upon detection significantly large load), it might be more useful. It would probably be a heck of a lot more expensive, too, though.

That aside, the child safety issues and the decorating possibilities alone are worth considering, so check out their Kickstarter, and if you like it, back it. Act quick and you can get your own three-outlet Inlet for $20.

Via: [Kickstarter]

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