Sharp Introduces 60- and 70-inch AQUOS UD1 4K Displays in Japan

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Sharp AQUOS UD1 4K TVVia pretty much the entire internet comes news this week that Sharp has introduced two new 4K TVs for the Japanese market. Coming under the banner of the AQUOS UD1 series, the new 60- and 70-inch displays, model LC-60UD1 and LC-70UD1 respectively, are noteworthy not just for their price — 650,000 yen ($6,335) and 850,000 yen ($8,290) each — but also for a number of neat-sounding new technologies that may give these panels a serious edge in terms of performance.

The one that intrigues me the most is the “moth-eye” panel design, which — as you might have guessed — draws inspiration from the structure of a moth’s eye to cut down on ambient light reflection, reduce glare, and also give the panel better blacks and better brightness uniformity. The latter is especially critical when you’re dealing with LED-lit LCD panels, more so when you get into screens of this size.

Sharp Moth Eye PanelThe other neat bit of tech is the 2.1-channel speaker system with an integrated low-vibration “DuoBass” subwoofer. Granted, I don’t expect the speakers in these displays to match that of a proper home theater, but the appearance of upgrade sound in flat panel TVs is something we’re seeing more and more — JVC’s XinemaSound 3D comes to mind —  which is heartening.

Sharp DuoBass

The LC-70UD1 is also noteworthy for having received official THX 4K Display Certification, which Sharp is also seeking for the LC-60UD1.

And for customers who want to show off their shiny new 4K displays, but find 4K content a bit lacking at the moment, Sharp has also dedicated a smidgen of the TVs’ 400MB internal memory to a 4K photo slideshow consisting mostly of landscapes, cityscapes, and nature photos, which can be activated at the touch of a button.

The 70-inch LC-70UD1 is expected to launch in Japan on June 15, with the 60-inch LC-60UD1 to follow on August 10. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when these new TVs might appear here in the Colonies.

You can read the translated press release and see more images here and here.

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