Appliance Hipster Liked Whirlpool Commercials Before They Were Cool

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Whirlpool Miracle KitchenVia Dealerscope comes news that Whirlpool is launching a new multimedia ad campaign that relies on storytelling to demonstrate how “appliances can not only solve some of life’s daily dramas, but can also empower the Whirlpool consumer to create an ideal sense of life each and every day.”

Rolling out this month, with evolving stories continuing for the rest of the year in TV ads, print, and online, the campaign is built on real-world drama, from the snotty teenager mad at her mum for washing her favorite pair of jeans to the lady concerned about washing the vibrancy out of her favorite red dress. The “campaign looks at human insights around appliance use and provides better solutions for getting the job done well each time,” says the press release.

“We’ve set the stage with this campaign, letting consumers know that Whirlpool remains the industry leader at the forefront of design and innovation with products that simplify their daily lives,” said Bill Beck, senior director, Whirlpool brand. “Now with this integrated approach, we show how these functions and features can make their lives easier and tell their story in a very relatable way.”

You can check out the first spot below:

Now, contrast that with the Whirlpool infomercial that reader “wederman” recently shared with us on Jeff’s post about Walter Cronkite’s 1967 Home of the Future. The Whirlpool Miracle Kitchen, complete with hand-waving gestures, disappearing sinks, sweet tea dispensers, refrigerating cabinets, self-propelled serving carts, and even the Roomba‘s great granddaddy, all from the minds of 1950s’ engineers. This makes me want to buy Whirlpool!

Via: [Dealerscope]

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