Disney Dumping Digital Copy Discs for Digital Copy Plus

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Digital Copy PlusDisney’s extreme makeover starting with Oz the Great and Powerful may be even more extreme than just dumping 2D discs from 3D versions.  The company may be taking the 3D packs all the way down to a single disc, by moving to entirely disc-less distribution of digital copy called Digital Copy Plus.

Word from those who have scored early copies of the movie is that the digital copy redemption sheet now points to the Digital Copy Plus website, which offers redemption for Disney titles on iTunes, Amazon Instant, and Vudu, breaking with Disney’s former iTunes exclusivity, but not going so far as to move fully into the UltraViolet ecosystem that Vudu is a major player in. Paramount, Lionsgate, Universal, and several other studios offer direct Vudu redemption for UltraViolet currently, and it would be reasonable to think that there are negotiations going on in smokey back rooms to let Walmart-owned Vudu get in on that action. Walmart’s disc to digital program is a major potential source of income for the retailer, and this potential first step into making Disney part of their program is huge. Either way, it’ll be nice to have smaller, more portable copies of Disney flicks, hypothetically available in HD for streaming. The program will include titles from Disney, Marvel, Touchstone, Pixar, and DreamWorks Pictures (live action, not animation), with whom the studio has a long-term distribution deal.

I am a physical media man, but I also enjoy the option of streaming some digital content when I’m ready to go to bed, or when I’m on the road, and UltraViolet is perfect for that. I hope this means that both Disney and DreamWorks will be joining the family soon. In the meantime, Digital Copy Plus will fill enough of that void to keep me going until such time as they finally fully support UltraViolet.

Now the only question is: Will my hugely expensive Oz 3D disc redeem in Vudu 3D?

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  • Walter-S_North_Carolina

    The digital copy market has changed and it is encouraging to see Disney studios respond.

    Vudu is a great alternative to iTunes. They are apart of the vast DECE (digital entertainment content ecosystem) which every other major studio has adopted partnership with. We who are ultraviolet enthusiast had been waiting for Disney studios to respond to the changing market conditions.

    Sadly, Disney studios has stopped short of joining DECE.

    This decision is ironically hurtful.

    On one hand, it is encouraging to see a change.

    On the other hand, Disney Studios having “Punted” the Ultraviolet decision means we are again on perpetual hold to have them, the last major studio holdout, to become a member of the Ultraviolet digital locker system.

    Every other major studio has joined. Only Disney studios is absent. I just do not understand why this is such a difficult decision to make.