TiO Home Automation Products Detailed and Priced

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When we first brought you news of the new Android-based Turn it On (TiO) home automation system last month, details were a little vague. Especially this bit:

According to the company, TiO also benefits from an “outside in” design philosophy, with the goal of “adapt[ing] to the customer instead of asking the customer to adapt to the system” and “perfectly and effortlessly match[ing] the mood of a homeowner and offer relaxing and comforting experiences in the home.”

TiO-App-Nexus7-HomeAhead of TiO’s official debut at InfoComm 2013 later this week, though, the company has released a slew of new details, including product specifics and pricing, as well as a clearer picture of what this whole “outside in” and mood-based automation business really means.

Instead of dealing in Scenes, TiO will allow users to adjust all of the variables of a room, from lighting level and temperature to music source, volume, and so forth, and capture all of those settings as a Mood, which can be called up at the touch of a button, or modified by the user without a bit of assistance from the custom installer. You’ll also be able to create TiO Experiences — collections of Moods “that work together to create a complete home scene.”

As we mentioned when the system was first announced, there’s a heavy focus on easy installation, as well. TiO still requires a custom installer for the initial setup process, but programming is done completely via an Android tablet running the TiOPro App, and the company promises a configuration time of less than two minutes for each system device.

The first round of products to hit the market will include:

TiO MC1-ASUS-Photo-LeftThe Master Coordinator (MC1) Smart Wireless Access Point ($499.99), a WPS wireless router running a 2.4 GHz 802.11n wireless network. Thin of the MC1 as the brains and the hub of the entire TiO system.

The TiO StealthStream 1 (AZSS1) Digital Audio Zone Player ($599.99), a compact media streamer and Bluetooth receiver with a 100-watt amplifier designed to fit within a single-gang wall box, in place of a volume control or keypad. The AZSS1 feature a sensing optical input with auto switching, analog audio outputs, and 802.11n wireless capabilities.

The system will also have two available in-wall touchscreen controllers: The four-inch portrait TouchStream 4 (AZTS4) ($799.99), and the seven-inch landscape TouchStream 7 (AZTS7) ($899.99). Both feature the same UI as the TiOHome Android App, with full gesture-based control and the same streaming audio capabilities as the AZSS1. 

TiO TouchLite4For dedicated lighting control, the company will also offer the TouchLite 4 (TL4) Universal Switch-Dimmer ($249.99), complete with capacitive touch capabilities and custom labeling. The TL4 can be configured as a one-, two-, or four-button control, and is compatible with incandescent, MLV, ELV, LED, and fluorescent lighting loads. Interestingly, in addition to dimming capabilities, the TL4 can also be used as a switch for motors, appliances, fans, which normally won’t work with dimming devices. 

TiO ThermaTouch1The company is also introducing the ThermaTouch 1 (TT1) Wi-Fi based thermostat ($299.99) in its initial lineup. The thermostat boasts a full-color, 4.7” touchscreen, compatibility with all industry-standard HVAC systems, including gas, electric, and heat pumps, and local weather information via the touchscreen.

All announced products are scheduled to being shipping in early August,

TiO will make its brand debut in June at InfoComm 2013, June 12-14 in Orlando, Fla. Visit TiO at booth #2582. All products are scheduled to ship in early August, with a second round of products second round of products “focused on easy third-party integration and support for the most popular security, camera and entertainment subsystems” set to follow a few months later.

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