Technicolor “Color Certified” Will Make All Your Pictures Prettier

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Technicolor Color CertifiedTHX has long been the standard-bearer of  quality certification for displays, but Technicolor thinks there’s room for a more specialized program — one that address the problems at the panel level. Teaming up with Portrait Displays, Technicolor developed the new Color Certification program to provide OEMs with a way of testing and certifying their panels, not only to ensure the utmost in color accuracy, but also to provide another way to differentiate their products on crowded shelves filled with displays of identical resolution, size, features, and price.

Engadget has more:

Recently, we met up with Technicolor’s Saurabh Mathur of Technicolor and Portrait Displays’ Martin Fishman to get a look at the most recent demo. The setup included several devices: an ASUS Zenbook, an iPad 3, a Kindle 2 and an HTC smartphone all displaying the same product page — plus a real-life pair of the shoes on the website. With the Ultrabook’s native color setting enabled, the high heels looked overly yellow on-screen, while some of the other gadgets’ panels looked way too blue. Tuning the display to Technicolor’s spec via Portrait Displays’ software, however, delivered more accurate colors. In theory, tweaking the other gadgets to the same settings would yield identical tones.

Specificallym they’re talking about making it so when you shop for a product on the internet, what you see is what you get in the e-commerce world, or what you see in a commercial is now exactly what you’ll pull out of the box 3 to 5 days later. For now, of course, that little “Color Certified” badge is intended as a selling point for devices carrying it. Hopefully, though, they’ll eventually merge this into an auto-calibration program like THX has and, more importantly, a wide-spread, system level app that makes sure everyone has the same experience on every TV, computer, tablet, phone, or other device.


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