Soundcast Melody Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker Is Designed to Go Places

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Soundcast MelodySoundcast Systems has been making big waves in the outdoor audio department for a while now with its Outcast and Outcast Jr. weather-resistant wireless speaker. If the Outcast (and it’s little offspring) has one flaw, though, it’s a slight lack of portability. You might bring one with you on vacation, but chances are, wherever it lands is where it’ll stay. To deliver all of that delicious Bluetooth audio, weather resistance, and iOS remote control-ability in a much more portable package, the company introduces the Soundcast Melody.

Weighing in at a mere nine pounds (just a little more than a third the weight of the Outcast), the Soundcast Melody supposedly tips the scales at “far less than a Louis Vuitton handbag,” according to the press release, which I’ll just have to take the company’s word on. I can say this for certain, though: no Louis Vuitton handbag is UV-resistant and water-resistant, with a rechargeable high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack good for up to 20 hours of uninterrupted listening and a full 360 degrees of rocking audio output.

The Soundcast Melody achieves that rocking output with an acoustic design that’s specifically tailored to open spaces, and a total of eight drivers — four bass radiators and four custom high-performance full-range(ish) Hi-Q 3-inch drivers — placed in an omnidirectional configuration. In addition to v3.0 Bluetooth with AAC and Apt-X lossless codec support, the Soundcast Melody also includes a 3.5mm aux input if you want to save a bit of battery life on your portable music source (or if you have a portable player that doesn’t support Bluetooth). Top-mounted controls also make track skipping, volume adjustments, and pausing a snap if you can’t reach your phone.

The Soundcast Melody also comes with an A/C adapter, as well as a 12-volt automotive adapter and USB charging cable, so you can juice the speaker back up after a long day of rocking, no matter where you are. The compact speaker system includes an A/C adapter, 12-Volt automotive adapter and USB charging cable for flexible charging options whether you’re at home or going places.

If you’re interested in more info, Soundcast has also given Melody her own site at

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