Logitech Hangs Onto Harmony Remotes

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate HubLogitech announced last week the standalone release of the Harmony Ultimate Hub, which was originally included with the Harmony Ultimate we told you about a few months back. The Ultimate Hub turns an iOS or Android device into a universal remote, and should be available later this summer for around $100, without the physical remote.

That’s great and all, but the big news is that the Logitech Harmony brand isn’t dead after all.  Once upon a time, way back in January of 2013, Logitech informed a very loyal fan base that it was spinning the Harmony brand off due to poor performance.  Many custom installation pros probably didn’t shed too many tears, but avid DIY-ers out there saw a great remote vanishing before their eyes.  Fast forward to today, and the success of the Harmony Ultimate has been enough to pull Harmony back into the Logitech fold.

To be perfectly honest, I love the Harmony remotes.  While they can’t do much beyond controlling the myriad set top boxes and TV’s you might have in your home, they do a great job.  If home automation is in your future, the Harmony brand likely isn’t.  While there are certainly better and more functional options out there, the Harmony line offers a great universal remote that doesn’t require a dealer to set up.

Our friends over at TechCrunch have more on the future of the Harmony brand.

Via: [TechCrunch]

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