Valta Smart Sockets Give You Power Over Your Energy

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Valta appVia EarthTechling comes word of Valta, which at first glance looks like just another smart power outlet. So called smart power plugs seem to be receiving more attempted kickstarts than a malfunctioning motorcycle competition lately. Normally I would have just cruised right by the announcement of this one, too, save for one defining feature: Valta’s monitoring system senses the stuff that you might have accidentally left running, alerts you, and lets you turn it off remotely.

This neatest thing about Valta is that it takes a lot of the guesswork out of what devices should be on or off, and — more importantly — alerts you to potential fire hazards like the iron or coffee pot you might have forgotten to unplug when you were done with them.

The $139 base kick includes:

Early bird(1 v-hub + 4 sockets): For this pledge, we will send you one v-hub, 4 sockets, a power adaptor for v-Hub and Ethernet cable. More sockets mean you can monitor more devices. Our system is scalable, which means you can always add more sockets to the system later. This offer is more than $60 off the list price. Shipping is included for US and Canada customers. (Ships within US & Canada only.)
Estimated delivery: Nov 2013

Each additional socket adds about $40 onto the pledge. With all the usual scenes, programming, scheduling, and such that the other products offer — allowing you not only to turn unused devices off, but also schedule them to turn on when you need them — the Valta seems to be up there with the top of the crop for important extras.

Read [Kickstarter — Valta: energy usage simplified] Via [EarthTechling]

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