AT&T Opens New Home Automation Foundry

Sections: Remote control, Security, Smart Home

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AT&T FoundryTelecom companies are striving hard to open up new business opportunities these days by offering all manner of home services on top of phone and internet. In addition to alarm systems, home automation is becoming the big new thing. In support of this effort, AT&T has opened two new thinktanks or “Foundry” locations, to push  new ideas and products in Atlanta and Dallas, respectively. Via the press release, courtesy of Engadget:

The AT&T Foundry ® in Atlanta will be at the center of our efforts to make your life easier, simpler, more connected and more secure,” said Ralph de la Vega, President and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Mobility. “Whether you want to check your thermostat from the road, make the drive home a little more enjoyable, or have devices conveniently handle routine things from your day, the AT&T Foundry ® delivers these types of innovations and more.”

The AT&T Foundry ® in Atlanta is the result of collaboration between AT&T, Cisco, Georgia Tech, and state and local business and political leadership.

The Dallas foundry will be devoted to creator sensor networks and machine behavior parameters that let them be more autonomous and efficient, in addition to a focus on the ever-popular “internet of things.” The Atlanta Foundry, meanwhile, will focus not only on the Digital Life security and automation platform, but also apps and services designed to connect your home and car, as well as AT&T’s U-verse service, and applications for “emerging devices.”


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