Lose Your House Key? KeyMe to the Rescue!

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KeyMe Kiosk

People leave home without their keys. A lot. It happens. It’s embarrassing. And many city dwellers don’t have a secure flowerpot handy for an emergency key. spare A new service called “KeyMe,” though — currently testing in New York City 7-Elevens — may finally bring 24-hour service to the key-duplication industry for those of you who don’t have electronic smart locks.

Of course, to make this service work, first you have to store your key in an electronic database. After that, you can visit any KeyMe location, provide your thumbprint and twenty bucks, and a minute or so later, a replacement key (with optional bottle opener) is ground and spit out for your ingressing pleasure.

These machines cannot duplicate any keys with security features — like car keys — and the kiosk costs about 10x what the hardware store will charge. But if it’s 2am, and sans key, KeyMe is way cheaper than a Motel 6 or broken window repair. The company plans to concentrate on Manhattan for the moment, and would likely look at other large, high-density apartment living cities for expansion. This is, of course assuming they stick to keys. Who knows what other everyday loseable objects these boxes could spit out in the future?

Via: [CBS New York]

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