Scenes from the CE Week 2013 Show Floor

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Colleague Dan Eldridge is back from CE Week with a whirlwind tour of sights and sounds from CE Week that you might have missed in all the talk about 4K TVs and Blu-ray players. From the article and slideshow at Dealerscope:

Earlier this week, we met dozens of creative and ambitious members of the consumer electronics industry at the annual CE Week Line Shows and Exhibits event in New York City. Click through the photos below to meet some of them yourself, and to learn about the incredibly wide range of products they’ll be bringing to the retail market soon.

Sungale's Antonio Abbondanza at CE Week

Here’s Sungale sales manager Antonio Abbondanza with the second generation model of the NetChef, a kitchen recipe provider that has a touch screen, a camera for Skype chats, numerous apps, a Web browser, and roughly 1,500 recipes. The NetChef stores its info in a cloud database, and home cooks can use the device’s USB port to upload their own recipes via video or text file. It’s available now from SkyMall and Amazon for $279.99.

Sungale Cloud TV Box

Sungale was also showing off the second generation of its Cloud TV Box, which turns any television with an HDMI output into a smart TV. And unlike other smart TV offerings, the Cloud Box requires no subscriptions or ongoing payments. It also features a U-Wand remote, which operates in a manner similar to the Nintendo Wii remote. You can pick one up from Amazon or SkyMall for $139.99.

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